G E N E S I S - S H I F T
  I. Acronyms

This are some acronyms found at either Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny.

AMF - Airborne Maneuver Fighter
APSV - Armour Piercing Super Velocity
APU - Auxiliary Power Unit
CE - Cosmic Era
CIC - Combat Information Center
CIWS - Close-In Weapons System
DOM- Dauntless Obliterator Magnificent
DRAGOON - Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlook Operation Network
EAF - Earth Alliance Forces
FASA - Federal Aeronautics and Space Administration
FENWS - Fighter Experiment Maneuver in Water & Surface
GARM R&D - Genetic Advanced Reproductive Medical Research & Development
GAT - Gressorial Armament Tactical
GAT-X - Gressorial Armament Tactical-eXperimental
GFAS - Gressorial Fortress Armament Strategic (First used in the name of Destroy Gundam)
GOUF - Guardian Of Unity Forerunner Ignited
HiMAT - High Mobility Aerial Tactics
IWSP - Integrated Weapons Striker Pack
JOSH-A - Jiint Supreme Headquarters Alaska
MA - Martius Arsenals
METEOR - Mobile Suit Embedded Tactical Enforcer
MIA - Missing In Action
MMI - Maius Military Industries
MS - Mobile Suit
OCHER - Operation Commando Hard Environment Reinforced
OMNI- Oppose Militancy & Neutralize Invasion
OMNI Enforcer - Oppose Militancy & Neutralize Invasion Enforcer
PLANT - Productive Location Ally on Nexus Technology
PS - Phase Shift
RAVEN - Reconnaissance Attack adVanced Electronic iNstallation
TMF/A - Terrestrial Maneuver Fighter/Assault
TMF/S - Terrestrial Maneuver Fighter/Striker
TP - Trans-Phase
UMF - Underwater Maneuver Fighter
UWMF/S - UnderWater Maneuver Fighter/Striker
WASP - Water Adapted Search & Patrol
VSP Armor - Variable Phase Shift Armor
ZAFT - Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty
ZAKU - ZAFT Armored Keeper of Unity
ZGMF - Zero-Gravity Maneuver Fighter
ZGMF-X - Zero Gravity Maneuver Fighter-Experimental
GENESIS – Gamma Emission by Nuclear Explosion Stimulate Inducing System
HiMAT Mode – High Mobility Aerial Tactics Mode
FAITH – Fast Acting Integrated Tactical Headquarters
SEED Factor – Superior Evolutionary Element Destined-Factor
BS  Blue Seed
TS-MA – Theater Suppression - Mobile Armor
AA – Advanced Acceleration
SR – Stealth Reinforcement
CAT Mobile Suits – C
omposition Armament Tactical mobile suits
ZGMT -Zero-Gravity Maneuver Trainer
AMA -Aerial Maneuver Attacker 
TFA -Terrestrial Fighter Artillery
TMF/A -Terrestrial Maneuver Fighter/Attacker
UWMF/S-UnderWater Maneuver Fighter/Striker
UMF -Underwater Maneuver Fighter
YMF -PrototYpe Maneuver Fighter
XMF -EXperiment Maneuver Fighter
DEEP Arms – Directional Energy Emission exPerimental Arms
MBF -Main Battle Figure
MVF -Main Variable Figure 
MASER – Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
DSSD – Deep Space Survey and Development Organization

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