G E N E S I S - S H I F T
  II. Location Map

The maps below show the boundaries of the major Earth nations, and the locations of key ZAFT and Earth Alliance military bases, during the events of Gundam Seed. At the beginning of the Cosmic Era, Earth's nations grouped themselves into a handful of military and economic blocs. As the current conflict began, some of these terrestrial powers joined forces to form the Earth Alliance, while others have allied themselves with ZAFT and a few small nations have remained neutral. (See Map A.) Perhaps the most important of these neutral nations is the Orb Union, which is made up of a cluster of islands in the southern Pacific Ocean.

Terretorial Nations

Military Bases

Orb Union

Gundam Seed's Cosmic Era takes place within the region of space which encompasses Earth, the moon, and the orbiting space colonies. These colonies are located at areas of gravitational stability known as Lagrange points. The map show the locations of the five Lagrange points, the space settlements known as PLANTs, military bases, and a ring of orbiting space junk known as the Debris Belt. 


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