G E N E S I S - S H I F T
  IV. Honors

This place is special spot for People, Web Owners, Websites. That helped me make this website and made GENESIS SHIFT possible. And for the people who has a big part of my life for the good memories and helped me into a better person.

THE SEEDED - this is a wonderful website for dedicated to the current information of your favorite characters. With their SEED Factor ( Superior Evolutionary Element Destined Factor ). Especially if you see the images, wallpapers and the avatars. Also thank you for helping me for my website.

Special Quote:
"I don't think that love can save everything, but there's something about your smile that somehow healed my heart, and in your lips I found the strength to stand up again"

AsukaLee - a special friend that helped me change. He is a nice and gives me advice on things I need to learn and need to change. He also is apart of SEEDGENESIS. His a special friend of mine no more than a special friend a friend that loves and accepts you for what and who you are *salutes*. Again thank you for being my friend *hugs*.

Special Quote: "If only I can get a hold of such power...Anyone who has cried over his lack of power with think that...Probably...But from the time you get a hold of that power, you become the one who makes others cry."

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